Paddling at Barrington Tops, NSW

Ready to challenge the rapids and have some fun!

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The fact that you are looking at this page means that you are a person of action and want some excitement. How lucky are you to live in the Hunter Valley,  have the Barrington Tops wilderness region only a short distance way and some beautiful exciting rivers in NSW just waiting for an adrenalin junkie to give them a go. On top of that you have a club with a wealth of experience willing to teach the skills that you need.

This is a fast growing sport in Australia and fortunately it is one of the cheaper kayaking pursuits. All you need is a plastic boat that is willing to share the experience with you and get knocked around, a helmet to protect your head, some skins to keep you warm and dry and a paddle to execute the skills you have learnt.

Get off that lounge and change your life forever, we are waiting by the phone for your call.

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