Murrmurra Ck paddle

Murramurra Ck paddle.
Last weekend 4 of us enjoyed a nice paddle from Deerubin reserve up Murramurra ck. With Grahame as our guide and the tides in our favour we headed for the twin beaches for morning tea camping is permitted here and there are composting toilets. Then picking our way through the Oyster leases to the creek, the leases dont seem to follow the normal rows so we kept a look out for submerged pickets. 
With the tide still coming in we decided to keep going up the creek past the camping area to the end the extra exploration made it a bit longer than the expected 24km to an almost 33km paddle. Despite a few showers it was a nice day on the water.
Photos at this link. :…/fo…/0B0Kx7G_gXYIISFZTaW45WHBWV3M…
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