Twilight Series 17/18

Well our Twilight series came to an end on Monday night. With 9 events and many a sausage consumed after the race. Taking out the series point score was Sally Verheul in 1st place Lawrence Cole in 2nd and Anne Moore in 3rd. Congratulations
The carbon race paddle donated by Ron Elliott of Elliott Kayaks was won byRaymond Baxter. Thanks Ron for your support and the other prizes you donated. 
Thanks to everyone for coming along and to all helped in the running of the events.

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Winners are Grinners.

Well done to our member Lachlan Bakewell  for his 1st place in the Gloucester Mountain man tr1 2017.

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Winter Series Race 4

Hi All,

A bit quiet down at the creek today 10 paddlers on the water. With a very high tide making it good for a bit of extra depth and speed this was out weighed by the wind in your face on the way back. John King came across the line first in his latest boat that he is trialling an Ellliot Extreme K1 he was looking good in this nice stable K1. Owen still recovering is improving all the time and wont be long before he is back to the 10km. Russell and Sally have been doing a bit of seat swappsies trying to get the setup right. Richard probably had the toughest time of all today the wind making it hard work in his V1 outrigger. Shane came along today for his first race in the series making Ray chase him. Thanks to Sally for bringing along her delicious home made slice, I heard someone say  "for a doctor she makes a pretty good slice" 

Thanks to all for coming along today next club race is 24 Sep.


For those of you who haven't renewed your membership yet you will stop recieving any emails from end of August. So to be kept up to date with all the cub happenings make sure you renew.



Greg 😀

PNSW Race 5, (WCC)

Round 5 of the Marathon series was held at Windsor by Windsor Canoe Club at the start of the famous Hawksbury Canoe Classic. Another perfect day and condition’s greeted us upon arrival 

There were 7 of us from the Huntervalley Paddlesports Club that made the voyage to Windsor with Glen and Peter doing their first ranking race together in a double with amazing results. It will great to have you both on board for the rest of the series .Well done Gentleman.


Once again Bernie and Warwick outdid themselves coming 3rd you two look like poetry in motion out there on the water. Our President Mr Ray Baxter also did an impressive result coming 1st but was more impressed the young fellow- Mathew from Manley Warringah hot on his heels giving a Ray a good run only tobe more impressed of how young he was. A future Olympian. Greg did a PB and came in 8th I required sunglasses all the home with his smiling results blinding me in the car. It must have been the spirit fingers working wonders. That leaves me - Sue getting a 2nd. Dual members all doing exceptionally well in their divisions including Darrin Jenkins, Marni Kay, Sally Verheul and Russel Brown. Look out Russel she is a powerful motor in the back seat of your double No  recreational paddling with Sally as the motor.

Thank you to the volunteer’s and timekeepers to assist in making our day safe and fun.

Sue Smith


Skills sessions

Ron Elliott will be running a series of basic skills sessions see the events tab for details.

Rec Paddle, Summerland Point 6 May 17

Rec Paddle, Summerland Pt, 6 May 2017
After a bit of a malfunction with the gps and our leader (Greg Hillier) deciding he had enough of us following him and he left us to find out own way, we arrived safely at Sandy Beach Reserve, Summerland Point. There to find 14 paddlers keen and ready to go on our beautiful Lake Macquarie
Welcome to our new recreation paddlers Clare, Roy, Malcom– Angela bringing along 2 of her friends Karen and Chris , always great to see our regulars turn up Bronwyn,  Grahame, Sue,  Cathy,  Michael, Judy, Greg, Russell and Jewels.
We made our way around Point Wolstoncroft towards Cams Wharf in pristine conditions with our little mascot the beautiful Jewels keeping Russell at a good momentum in conversation. Great group
We had morning tea and then made our way back to Sandy Beach reserve in view the wildlife as we went with a visitor from one of our local stingrays passing beneath us. Lunch was enjoyed with a few of us washing our lunch down with a beer. 
Thanks Grahame and Greg for taking the time to put it together another fantastic day out Huntervalley Paddlesports Club
Sue Smith
Pics here:
Map here:

PNSW Race 4, 30 April 2017 at Lane Cove

Round 4 Marathon Series was held at Lane Cove . Beautiful weather, perfect paddling conditions and well hosted by Lane Cove River Kayakers. Once again they provided land crew for paddlers in and out of the water –thank you it was greatly appreciated We would also like to thank Paddle NSW timekeepers and committee once again for your time it doesn’t go unnoticed

Hunter Valley Paddlesports club was represented by a strong and contingent and we would like to congratulate all who participated the following is a summary of results achieved by our members.

Bernie Cragg and Warwick Nichols 1st Place -

Roy Burns 1st place smashing 15minutes off his time and out of division 11- Well done

Greg Hillier and Sue Smith both coming in at 2nd place in their divisions, Ray Raymond Baxter fighting the back pain at 12th.

Matt Miles and Jeremy Kent- K2 - Ranking time 01:40:24 not bad for boys who haven’t trained together.

Amazing day and results for Huntervalley PaddleSports Club great team
Dual members Sally Verheul and Russell Brown (team SalRuss)2nd Owen Walton 2nd , Jack & Jenny Ward( Double Dragons) 4th , Anne Moore, Marni Kay, Darrin Jenkins 2nd great achievement to all

Photo at this link

Murrmurra Ck paddle

Murramurra Ck paddle.
Last weekend 4 of us enjoyed a nice paddle from Deerubin reserve up Murramurra ck. With Grahame as our guide and the tides in our favour we headed for the twin beaches for morning tea camping is permitted here and there are composting toilets. Then picking our way through the Oyster leases to the creek, the leases dont seem to follow the normal rows so we kept a look out for submerged pickets. 
With the tide still coming in we decided to keep going up the creek past the camping area to the end the extra exploration made it a bit longer than the expected 24km to an almost 33km paddle. Despite a few showers it was a nice day on the water.
Photos at this link. :…/fo…/0B0Kx7G_gXYIISFZTaW45WHBWV3M…
Map at this link. :


Greg :)


The 2016 Australian Canoe Marathon Championship was held at Lake Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland over the 25 to 27 March 2016 Easter weekend. Hunter Valley Paddlesports Club was represented by a strong contingent and we would like to congratulate all who participated. The following is a summary of results achieved by our members.

  • Mens Under 23 K1 - Lachlan Bakewell (9th)
  • Mens Vet 40 K1 - Ashley McDonald (1st)
  • Mens Vet 45 K1 - Greg Hillier (11th)
  • Mens Vet 55 K1 - Peter Bakewell (6th)
  • Mens Vet 65 K1 - Paul Byrnes (3rd)
  • Womens Vet 50 Ski - Sue Smith (2nd)
  • Womens Vet 50 K2 - Sue Smith and Anne Moore (2nd)

Paddlefest, Sun 22 February 2015

What an amazing day! Hunter Valley Paddlesports Club actively supported the Toronto Sunrise Rotary Club to be part of a very successful event. Despite the rain and our kayaking members racing in Canberra the previous day there were 32 kayaks, 51 SUPs, Dragon boats & outriggers all having fun on beautiful Lake Macquarie.

This event will continue to grow so keep this on the calendar for next year as the aim will be to attract clubs from other regions and make this a premier event in not just competition but raising valuable monies for local charities

SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boarders)

HVPC have welcomed in new members interested in this popular and growing sport. Over the last 6 months they have played an important part in the growth and culture of the club and now represent a large part of membership.

The participation in the format SUP 5.0 in the local Summer Series at Cockle Creek has seen competitive racing and great fun being had by all.

At the heart of SUP 5.0 is the belief that flat water paddling and time trials are the entry point for many people into the world of SUP and also a form of exercise that covers all ages and abilities encouraging participation and personal improvement - hence our motto "Have FUN, Get FIT.

With the Winter Series fast approaching it looks like another great year for the club. Anyone interested in becoming a member contact Guy Fiddes 0427 399 346.

New reasons to try kayaking

If you're not comfortable surfing or paddleboarding, you can still hit the water for a top-to-toe workout, although this time you'll be sitting, rather than standing. And while it looks like it is an exercise restricted mainly to the upper body, the entire body can burn up to 1000 calories an hour.

Kayaking is a safe and effective activity that can be performed by everybody

Kayaking is a safe and effective activity that can be performed by everybody

Body benefits

In research published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, researchers from the School of Exercise and Sport Science at Sydney University found that "flat-water kayaking is characterised by exceptional demands on upper body performance". This is good news for our heart and cardiovascular system, which also means good news for our waistlines. The same study also reported low levels of body fat and a body composition favouring lean muscle mass in Olympic sprint canoe and kayak paddlers.

So why use a kayak? "Many people feel more comfortable in a kayak, as they're seated within it, supported on either side," says Olympic kayak competitor Jake Michael, from Sydney Univerity's exercise school. "Using a double-sided paddle to propel the kayak forward, each stroke increases the velocity at which the kayak travels; each time you lift the paddle out of the water, the velocity slows down. This is because, the movement of a kayak, semi-submerged in water, is opposed predominantly by water drag," he says. "For the kayak to move forward the paddler must generate forces by the working muscles."

Even if you're not competing in an event, or even paddling constantly, "kayaking . . . also improves the aerobic capacity and fitness of the paddler", Michael says. Aerobic capacity refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that the body can utilise during exercise, "regardless of the pace".

What happens to your body when you're in a kayak

"Many people think that it is just the arms that are used during paddling," Michael says. "Paddlers also place exceptional demands on the entire body, from the large muscles of the trunk that rotate the torso, to the smaller muscles that extend the arm and, to a smaller amount, on the muscles of the legs.

"As your technique improves, you will find that the legs become important to assist with rotation. Because the legs are a much greater muscle group than the arms, a reduced strain is placed on the cardiovascular system when using these muscles compared to the arms. Thus, by incorporating the legs, paddlers can save energy in their arms and have the ability to extend the length of time they can paddle as well as get in a whole body workout."

How to prevent injuries

Because kayaking is not an impact sport such as running, where with each stride you land heavily on the ground, it is a safe and effective activity that can be performed by everybody. Some kayaks are double-seated, which means you can paddle with your partner, friend or child. And as you improve your level of fitness with each stroke, you are literally reducing your risk of generating an injury the more you paddle.

"However, with any form of exercise, the large force requirements, repetitive nature and postural considerations involved in paddling may place the structures of the lower back and shoulder joint at risk of injury," Michael says.

"In addition, paddlers new to the sport often develop pain in the small muscles in the back of the shoulder and wrist. This may be due to technique problems and can often be fixed by a simple adjustment to the way the paddle is held." Ideally, before you set out, have a lesson with an instructor to learn the correct techniques. This small investment may save you medical bills on the long run.

And there's little chance of over-exercising one side of your body, as can occur in other sports. "Because kayaking uses a double-sided paddle, to get the kayak to move, paddlers will need to co-ordinate the left and right side of the stroke," Michael says. "This creates a strong core. . . as well as helping to stabilise the boat. Overall, kayaking is a great way to work out the entire body evenly."

All in the mind

Research in the Journal of Leisurability found that participants in a 12-week kayaking program reported elevated feelings of self-worth, confidence and adequacy. They also reported feeling better about their overall physical appearance. "Depending on your goals and type of paddling you enjoy, kayaking can be peaceful and meditative or pedal-to-the-metal-style," Michael says. "Either way, it is a good way reduce stress levels and increase energy."