The benefits of joining HVPC INCLUDE:

Make new friends

HVPC has members from around Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, and Hunter Valley regions and provides the opportunity to make new friends with similar interests.

See new places

The HVPC conducts activities and supports activities organised by PaddleNSW and other clubs. Joining the club will give you an opportunity see and experience our magnificent lakes, rivers, and creeks throughout the region and beyond.

Improve your fitness

Paddling in any discipline provides the opportunity to get fit and improve your overall health and well being. Joining the HVPC gives you the opportunity to share the experience with others and the club caters for all levels of fitness.

Experience different paddling disciplines

You have the opportunity to participate in organised activities across a range of paddling disciplines including flat water marathon kayaking and canoeing, sprint kayaking, recreational kayaking and canoeing and white water kayaking.

People with experience that you can learn from

You can draw on the expertise of experienced members, rather than relying on paddlers that maybe beginners and learning by trial and error.

Skill Development Days
HVPC run days as part of their planned event calendar where you can learn the skills necessary for safe and enjoyable paddling.
This will help you to develop appropriate skills from the beginning, and avoid developing bad habits that can cause injury.

Member Application
Visitors attending a club event are required to sign an indemnity form and will be asked after two (2) events to join the club in order to participate in future club activities.

To join HVPC please complete the form below and follow the instructions

Membership Form

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