The club maintains a Platinum Liability - Amateur Sports insurance policy with Sports Underwriting Australia, which provides General Liability, Professional Liability, and Management Liability insurance cover for the club. The policy document is available at the following link and the certificate of currency is available from the Secretary on request.

Club members are covered under the above insurance policy for Third Party Property Damage and Third Party Injury (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy) but only when participating in activities organised by the Hunter Valley Paddlesports Club or participating on behalf of the club. 

The club does not provide personal accident insurance. All members should ensure that they familiarise themselves with the risks associated with paddling and consider the need to obtain appropriate insurance to provide cover for any injuries sustained in paddling activities.

The club also does not provide insurance for member’s personal watercraft (kayaks and canoes) and therefore all members should consider the risks and need to obtain appropriate boat insurance.

PaddleNSW provides personal accident gap insurance, and also offers a boat insurance scheme, for financial members of PaddleNSW.  Details of these insurance schemes are available on the PaddleNSW website at